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Otoko Wet Shave

Some time ago I was associated with a friend’s website, Otoko. It’s loosely a Pow Designs website but we didn’t actually do it. I used to work with a guy who was a great designer but hadn’t any experience in WordPress. He wanted a project to work on so I arranged for him to do a website for Otoko. It was a good arrangement, whereby Otoko got a free website and my friend got some experience and a small notch in his porfolio. I thought I’d mention it today because it’s a neat little website and worthy on a mention, though won’t fit in our portfolio.

Shaving Stuff

I’ve used Otoko Wetshave Essentials (to give it it’s full name) and can you the stuff is fantastic. It’s not a soap so it doesn’t strip off the layer of oil that protects your skin. It doesn’t leave you feeling dry. But it does get a nice healthy lather that makes for a good shave. Go check out Otoko Wetshave Essentials

More Shaving Stuff

Another website we were part of but didn’t actually do is also related to shaving and to Otoko. It is the website Style&Blade. That website was done by another friend of mine. Again, it was somebody who needed an opportunity to get some runs on the board with a website. Our friend Allen from eWebDesigns is now an accomplished web designer who we are currently in partnership with on a website we can soon unveil. Just goes to show that where possible you should encourage those around you.