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Dreamer RV Caravan Mattress Toppers

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Tara and James did a lot of travelling in their caravan. About two years of it. Being friendly people, they talked to a lot of fellow caravanners. The one consistent issue they all had was the comfort of their caravan bed. What was needed was a good memory foam caravan mattress topper. When their travels finished, they decided this was a product they should make happen. 

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Why a caravan mattress topper?

If you’re not familiar with caravans you might be wondering why they can’t just use a normal mattress topper. The answer is, most caravans have curved beds. The beds in caravans are made to minimize their impact in their space. With just one room to put a bed, kitchen, and dining room, you have to make some allowances in your design. One simple thing they do in caravans is curve the edges of the bed. That makes the mattress protrude less into this this space and easier to navigate around. 

Many people have tried to use a standard matress topper on a caravan mattress. It works. But the result is less than satisfactory.  

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Dreamer RV's caravan mattress topper

The evolution of Dreamer RV’s caravan mattress topper was a process of design, testing and evolution. It helps that Tara and James love to caravan and that they have many friends and acquaintances who do also. They were able to prototype and test the topper before they started the main production cycle.

Then the nervous bit has to happen. Launching a new product is a bit daunting, especially when you have to part of cash to buy a shipping crate full of your new product. We worked with Tara during the launch of her website and it was great to see someone so organized and willing to commit to the testing of her website. (As a side note: So many people barely even look at their own website, trusting in us to get everything right. This is okay for simple websites but as the complexity increases so does the scope for getting things wrong. I often tell clients that as the developer, I know how the website is meant to work. When I use it, I’ll do all the right things. I need some users who will do the wrong things and find creative ways to break it. Then I can plug those gaps they discovered. I find it absurd that clients will invest so much in a website and not test it. They either need to do that or find a budget for outside testing.) Tara was very organized and diligent in following through on every step. She had Klaviyo already set-up ready to go and had spent enough time on it to understand its potential. Adding that to the website was as simple as dropping in some code to the footer. She then tested every element of the purchasing and delivery of her product before going live. As you can expect, everything went smoothly post-launch. 

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